Borgo Villa Certano

This elegant room is on the top floor of an ancient villa in the country, just a few kilometers from Siena.
A few touches here and there of the Tuscan taste make it cosy and charming, an ideal solution for a relaxing getaway in the country. One bathroom to share with another bedroom. The rooms are at the second floor and there’s no lift.

An extra attached room is available for more than 2 guests.

Accomodates up to 4


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Prices are as minimum prices and may vary according to the season or peak period. The rates include Electricity and water Gas for kitchen Bed linen with weekly change Internet Point Cleaning   The rates don't include Pets: Euro 20,00 per week. - 5.00 Euro / day for the first day, 3 Euro / day for the next few days Cradle: 14,00 Euro per week - 2,00 Euro per night. Stay tax (varies depending on the season)   GUEST RULES and REGULATIONS How to clean and sanitize your hands -Wash your hands frequently with soap and water (for 60 seconds) or use hand sanitizers with the proper hydro-alcoholic content. Take particular care to do so before and after touching or handling objects / furniture used by other people, in order to protect yourself and others. -Our Agritourism center provides dispensers containing sanitizing gel in four locations: in the Reception office, in the halls used for cultural events / tasting experiences, in the adjacent washroom and in the communal outdoor area for guest use under the Cedar of Lebanon. Please make sure you use them when you enter as well as before you leave. Use of masks Wearing a mask is a civic duty to those around you. They must be worn in common areas where you are likely to be within 1 meter of people not in your family or people you do not live with, such as staff at the Agritourism center or other guests. Social distancing -Respecting the minimum distance of 1 meter is mandatory when you are with people not from your family or people you do not live with. Please pay special attention in the areas where it is not mandatory to use a mask, such as the green areas, and the outdoor recreational spaces. Tasting experiences -During these events you must wear a mask and disposable gloves and respect distances. Please wait for your turn in order to avoid overcrowding. Disposal of PPE -Personal protective equipment (masks and disposable gloves) must be disposed of using only the undifferentiated waste bins. These can also be used for tissues. Our younger guests -In order to ensure safety it is essential that rules are respected by everyone, especially those concerning social distancing and the use of protective equipment: this applies equally to children over 6 and to minors under your care. If rules are not respected, staff will need to ask our younger guests to leave the communal areas. Playgrounds for children and green areas -Please comply with the rules stated above, maintain social distancing and wash your hands before entering and after leaving these areas. No access areas -Please respect the NO ACCESS areas signposted by the Agritourism center. If you need to talk to our staff, put on your mask and approach them without entering the premises. Agritourism center linen -If you choose to wash linen such as towels, bed sheets etc. on your own, please wash them at the highest temperature shown on the manufacturer’s wash tag. Remember to put on your gloves when you handle used sheets and try not to move them around too much before washing, in order to avoid the spread of germs. Symptomatic cases -In case of symptoms of respiratory illness such as fever, coughing or sore throat you must remain in your accommodation and call us immediately on one of the following mobile phone numbers ( 347 745 7529/ 347 597 8737/ 339 832 7066 / 346 379 1298). In line with privacy rules we will call the relevant Health Authorities straightaway. OUR AGRITOURISM CENTER WILL TAKE CARE OF CLEANING AND SANITIZING ALL THE COMMUNAL INDOOR PREMISES, AND ALL THE OBJECTS AND FURNITURE CONTAINED THEREIN PLUS THOSE CONTAINED IN THE COMMUNAL OUTDOOR AREAS IN ORDER TO ENSURE YOUR SAFETY.


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